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A Journey Toward Healing

Power of Words


Together with Sharon Bray – teacher and author of two books on writing and health – CKN welcomes you to our new Writing Series where Sharon helps readers tap into the healing power of writing during difficult times.  As Sharon puts it, “Your stories matter. You are your stories. Our stories shape us and act as the lens through which we see the world. It’s through story that we make sense of our lives, reclaim our voices, and learn our words can touch others’ hearts.”  Follow along with this bi-monthly series with Sharon and please send us your stories….they matter to us.

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Writing Through Cancer: The Legacy of Our Stories

by Sharon A. Bray, Ed.D.


Three months after his diagnosis, my father died of lung cancer.  Despite a lifelong addiction to cigarettes, a hacking cough that awakened us every morning, he dodged our pleas to see a doctor, and our attempts to help him break his habit.  He suspected, I’m certain, what the doctor might find.  By the time he sat down with an oncologist in 1992, he heard the verdict he feared most:   a death sentence.

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The Write Medicine

TheWriteMediciineby Sharon Bray. Ed.D.


Thirty years ago, when my husband died in a drowning accident, I turned to what had always been a lifeline in times of struggle:  writing.  I filled dozens of journals with outpourings of grief, sorrow and questions, before my writing gradually shifted into poetry or memories of our life together.  As my writing changed, my grief began to lessen; my perspective shifted from “why me?” to a sense of possibility, of new beginnings.  Several years later, when I was told I had cancer, I turned again to the refuge I found with pen and paper.  Writing, as so many of us have discovered, provides the safety to express the feelings we find so difficult to say aloud, a way to make sense of our emotions as we translate them into words.

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