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Compassion in Action: Comprehensive, Community-Based Palliative Care in Neno, Malawi

GlobalOncologyCancer Knowledge Network is pleased to announce our collaboration with the Global Oncology Initiative (GO!) at Harvard’s Medical School, School of Public Health and affiliated hospitals. We hope this synergistic partnership will grow the diversity and breadth of information and experiences shared. Furthermore, we also hope to facilitate networking and connect medical students, residents and physicians with common goals in global oncology to achieve their endeavors.  We hope you take advantage of the interesting expert interviews, articles on global oncology experiences and discussion videos put forth in collaboration with GO!.






Student Experiences from GO! – Compassion in Action: Comprehensive, Community-Based Palliative Care in Neno, Malawi


by Shekinah Elmore, Harvard Medical School 2014


Neno, Malawi is a somewhere I’d never heard of when making plans to work on a palliative care project during the summer between my first and second years of medical school. I felt myself a rather savvy global health practitioner, having worked in Rwanda and Mozambique, largely with community health workers in very rural settings. But, Malawi hadn’t registered as clearly in my geography of the region. And, as for Neno, well I couldn’t even pretend to have heard its name before.

What I wanted most as a medical student was to find a palliative care and cancer care project in East Africa that I could work on throughout my time as a student, and perhaps even beyond. Though I’d never worked in Palliative Care, it seemed to me the culmination of everything that I loved about medicine: compassion in action. Palliative care practitioners moved adeptly with the patient and family, traveling with them and offering solutions, come what may….continue reading