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October Series: Breast Cancer Awareness Month


“Breast Cancer Connections: My personal relationship with the month of October”


by Shelly Straub


October is the beginning of Breast Cancer Awareness Month.  October is also my anniversary month.  The month I found my lump, the month I got my first mammogram, ultrasound, and biopsy and the month I heard the words “you have cancer.”


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Immediate Reconstruction Post Mastectomy

Shelly Straubby Shelly Straub, Living with Cancer


To have or not to have… immediate reconstruction after a double mastectomy.


It’s a pretty serious question thrown at you shortly after you hear the words “you have breast cancer.”  I remember being in a fog after learning of my diagnosis and thinking “does it really matter because I have CANCER and could die – does the physical shape of my body after surgery really matter at all?”


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