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The Balancing Act: Siblings dealing with childhood cancer

DawnNorman2 by Dawn Norman, Childhood Cancer Advocate, Caregiver

When our 2 year old son was diagnosed with brain cancer, a dear doctor friend, asked how our other children were handling the new diagnosis.  When I expressed concern that we were seeing lots of anxiety and some other issues of sadness and anger, our friend uttered a truth that I had never thought about before, “When one member of the family has cancer, you all have cancer.”  She went on to say that even though our son was battling cancer physically, we were all battling the emotional aspects of cancer.  I had never thought about it until this point.  Our normal was no longer normal.   Which meant parenting our children would have to adjust to our “new normal.”

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Siblings as Caregivers: The Challenges and Cherished Gifts

BarbPriceHow does a family who has already suffered the loss of a father and a brother to cancer take on the role of caregiver for a third time and this time for their sister, Judy, who had no partner or adult children to help share the responsibility of her care? 

What follows describes how Barb Price and her sisters, Donna and Debbie, made a challenging caregiver situation into a cherished one.  – Pat Taylor, CKN Caregiver Editor




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