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Testicular Cancer Series: The Fight After the Fight and All of its Firsts

by Steve Pake, Advocate, Survivor

Cancer Survivorship – The Fight After the Fight and All of its Firsts


After our fights with cancer are over, we all want so badly to believe that everything is behind us and that life is going to get back to normal. Those first weeks and months after our cancer fights are such a precious time. It’s our first taste of freedom after having been wrongfully held hostage by cancer for so long. I had my life back, but as time and the months went on I realized that it wasn’t my old life that I had back, but rather an entirely new one.  Cancer survivorship brings with it an entirely new set of life circumstances and a whole lot of firsts, many of which I was completely unprepared to handle or to deal with at all. 


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World Cancer Day 2017: A few words from Steve Pake

StevePake2Cancer Is Not Just Rogue Cells – And Not Just Inside the Patient

by Steve Pake, Cancer Survivor

As I approach six years of cancer survivorship, never has it been more clear to me that cancer is not just a disease of our physical bodies, but a disease of our minds and souls as well. Thus, the argument that many make, is that cancer is not just a matter of eradicating the rogue cells from one’s body, but of curing the entire patient. To rid a patient of the physical disease, but to ignore the residual emotional and spiritual disease, does not a cure make.


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Testosterone Challenges After Testicular Cancer

StevePakeby Steve Pake, Living with Cancer


Before I was diagnosed with testicular cancer at the age of 33, I had always been a very regular person. I had regular amounts of energy and enthusiasm for life, regular amounts of optimism about most everything, and there had never been a single depressive “bone” in my body. I felt confident and secure, had very regular moods which were all good, and very regular amounts of libido, too! My cancer diagnosis blindsided me, and shook my foundations to their core. How could you not feel depressed and anxious while you’re afraid for your life, and fighting like hell just to live at all?


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Top 5 Lessons Learned in 5 Years of Cancer Survivorship

StevePakeby Steve Pake, Living with Cancer


After our cancer treatment concludes, every one of us wants so desperately to believe that our bodies are rid of our cancer forever, and that our fight is over. We want to believe that we’ll be able to put what we’ve been through behind us, and that our lives will return to normal, even if it means a new normal. That’s exactly what I believed in July of 2011 after a five-month fight against testicular cancer, but I was in for a rude awakening. My body was free from cancer, but my life wasn’t. There was so much I’d yet to experience, and so many important lessons that I’d learn along the way.


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