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Embarrassment or not? Teacher with testicular cancer says not

TorstenKoehlerby Torsten Koehler, Testicular Cancer Survivor

Cancer survivor Torsten Koehler talks about his experience with his students as a teacher going through cancer.  Quotes from his book “Love Your Nuts” are in bold.

When I was diagnosed with testicular cancer I decided to tell my students (age group 11 to 15 years old) because they would have found out anyway as soon as the side effects of chemotherapy kicked in, and I didn’t want rumours or speculations spread in the school community. 

Encounters with parents of the students were different than before the cancer diagnosis. As soon as we said hello I realized that he or she knew! After saying hello we were immediately lost for words. Nobody wanted to ask how I was because obviously everybody knew how I was and we (especially adults) don’t handle these kind of situations very well.  Students are just honest and if they ask “how are you?” these little ones mean it. 

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