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Confessions of a 24-hour Caregiver

 MikeCraycraftby Mike Craycraft R Ph, Living with Cancer

Working as a clinical pharmacist in hospitals for over a decade I knew how important timing was when it came to providing care. Minutes were important when preparing a clot-busting drug to treat a stroke victim.  Seconds were counted waiting until it was time to give the next shot of adrenaline to try to restart a patient’s heart during a cardiac arrest.  However, in October 2005 when I felt a lump on my left testicle, urgency ceased to exist.


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Embarrassment or not? Teacher with testicular cancer says not

TorstenKoehlerby Torsten Koehler, Testicular Cancer Survivor

Cancer survivor Torsten Koehler talks about his experience with his students as a teacher going through cancer.  Quotes from his book “Love Your Nuts” are in bold.

When I was diagnosed with testicular cancer I decided to tell my students (age group 11 to 15 years old) because they would have found out anyway as soon as the side effects of chemotherapy kicked in, and I didn’t want rumours or speculations spread in the school community. 

Encounters with parents of the students were different than before the cancer diagnosis. As soon as we said hello I realized that he or she knew! After saying hello we were immediately lost for words. Nobody wanted to ask how I was because obviously everybody knew how I was and we (especially adults) don’t handle these kind of situations very well.  Students are just honest and if they ask “how are you?” these little ones mean it. 

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From the Football Field to the Cancer Ward: A mother’s journey with her son

JordanJonesby Kim Jones, Caregiver and Advocate

On October 26, 2007 I heard the words “Your son has stage 4 testicular cancer that has spread throughout his body.” 

My son, Jordan Jones, was diagnosed at the young age of 13, just 2 weeks before his 14th birthday. It was a complete shock to everyone, especially me! Not my son, he’s too healthy. He had just played his end of season football game 36 hours prior to receiving his diagnosis. They won 48 to 0 that night and Jordan played his heart out! It was soon after that we would find out that his biggest opponent would no longer be on the football field – it would be cancer.

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The Baby Battle: The Fight With Fertility

by Timothy W. Buckland and Savanna Buckland


One of the most universal rights of any person is the ability to have children. A week before my 18th birthday, I was diagnosed with testicular cancer and lost this ability as did my future wife. After being diagnosed and told about the decrease in fertility that may occur from a necessary surgery, I was persuaded to bank my sperm. I was only given a couple of days between this initial consult and my surgery so things had to move quickly. In fact, I would not receive the results of the sperm test until after my surgery. At the time, that was fine; who really cared about banking sperm when my life was on the line?

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