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Cancer Narratives: Virtual Loss, Real Pain


Using scientific research as a springboard for discussion, CKN is distilling this research into practical narratives that will improve the quality of life for patients and offer deeper understanding and connection for physicians.  Please join this Doctor-Patient conversation about Virtual Loss.


by Anne Marie Cerato, Living with Cancer, CKN Young Adult Section Editor

After I was diagnosed with cancer, I longed for connection, someone somewhere that could tell me I wasn’t alone. I found my tribe online. Actually I found a few tribes because my experience, like many out there, didn’t fit a neatly tied up definition of the cancer experience. I wasn’t just a young adult, or just a lung cancer patient, but a young adult with incurable ALK+ lung cancer. So eventually I found what I was looking for. I cannot tell you how powerful it is to connect with people who have walked in your shoes.

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