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So Now After All These Years I’m a New York Ranger Fan


Jake, Chase and Rod Gilbert

by William Penzer, Ph.D.


Much as I was into sports as a kid growing up in the Bronx, New York, I was never into hockey. To me it seemed like a silly sport with people skating back and forth and forth and back with little scoring and too many tooth-destroying brawls. It reminded me of soccer on ice or roller derby on blades. Therefore, I never followed the Rangers, our New York team. The relevance of this will become evident shortly.

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Four Keys to Caregiving in Cancerville

WilliamPenzerHeadshotby William Penzer, Ph.D.


At a recent cancer conference I met a young man whose wife had cancer. He was almost 20 years military—Special Ops/Navy SEALs—hardcore stuff with five tours in the Middle East. I said to him, “I often view cancer as a war zone. I guess the military helped prepare you to deal with cancer.” He welled up and responded thoughtfully, “With all due respect sir, NOTHING prepares you for dealing with cancer!”

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