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Intimacy as an aspect of sexual health in women diagnosed with cancer

Intimacyby Stephanie Marie Leiva Espinosa, Marcela del Carmen, and Don S. Dizon Massachusetts General Hospital Cancer Center, Boston, MA


Patients diagnosed with cancer have a reason to be optimistic. Breakthroughs in screening, surgical treatment, and medical therapy for malignancies have created a scenario where for many, cancer is curable, and even for those in whom cure is not a realistic option, living with cancer is more and more synonymous with other chronic conditions, such as heart disease or diabetes. As evidence, the American Cancer Society estimated that in 2013, the 5-year relative survival rate in the United States alone was approximately 70 percent.1 As a result, estimates are that cancer survivors constitute a population nearing almost 13 and 30 million in the US and worldwide, respectively.2
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