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Moving On

MayaStern2by Maya Stern, CKN Advisory Board Member


The most frustrating part of being sick for me was hearing people say, “You can’t do this”—even if it was physically warranted.


After chemotherapy shrunk my tumour, surgeons cut open my body to remove the remnants of the tumour. It was still too large, and they had to remove the whole kidney. No big deal—I have another one.

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Dear Cancer: Diary of 5x Cancer Survivor

Sabrina Fuoco

My name is Sabrina Fuoco and I am a five-time cancer survivor. I have been battling this grueling illness for 31 years: as a child, teenager and young adult. Over the years, cancer has taken my health, my hair, my energy, chunks of my body and sometimes even my sanity – but it has also given me a gift – to live life meaningfully and with great urgency. Not knowing whether I have months or years to live has forced me to live life in the moment and enjoy the present.

This is my open letter to cancer.





Publication of this series courtesy of the University Health Network