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YAFC: Sexuality

by Anne Katz PhD, RN

Sexuality is about much more than sex – it’s about who you are attracted to and who you choose to be sexual with (or not), what your sexual desires and fantasies are, how you react to touch, and yes, also to what you do sexually.  Trying to figure this out is an important task of adolescence and young adulthood – and it’s not always easy! Having cancer makes things a lot more complicated because the treatments all have sexual side effects. The chapter on body image highlights some issues that affect sexuality – but there are others that directly impact on how your body works and these can cause problems.

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YAFC: Body Image


by Anne Katz PhD, RN

How we see ourselves refers not just to what we think about but also about how we think we look. This is called body image – and many of us, especially women, have a negative body image. This is in part as a result of the messages we get from the media about what is beautiful and desirable and this usually is put out to sell makeup and clothes and has very little to do with reality and health. But many of us are influenced by these messages and spend a lot of time and money trying to change our shape or appearance.

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YAFC: Metastatic Cancer & Palliative Care



by Dr. Alisha Kassam

When cancer has metastasized it means that it has spread from the place where it first started to another organ or tissue in the body.  Although some types of metastatic cancer in young adults can be cured, for many, a diagnosis of metastatic cancer means that cure may no longer be possible.  Nonetheless, cancer treatments are often available for all metastatic cancers to help slow the growth of the cancer and control symptoms.  These treatments may also help prolong life and a number of patients with metastatic disease can enjoy good quality of life for months, or in some cases, years.

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YAFC: A New Drug?

by Lisa Bélanger, PhD, CEP-CSEP

Over the past five years I have been in a lab working on developing a drug for cancer patients and survivors. This drug has already demonstrated convincing evidence in preventing numerous types of cancer including breast and colon and indirect risk reduction to endometrial, lung, and prostate cancers. During treatment, this drug demonstrated to increase chemotherapy completion rates allowing more patients to receive their required chemotherapy dosage. When administered after chemotherapy, it is showing promise to decrease the chances of recurrence in colon cancer survivors by over fifty percent. We are now investigating this in a phase three randomized control trial.

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