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It takes a village: Fighting cancer with the right team

Jessica (left) and her Oncologist

by Jessica Sultaire, Living with Cancer


Up until my early twenties, the only doctors I really knew were my pediatrician, dentist, and OB-GYN. The doctor/patient relationship was cordial, routine, and a blip on the radar in the grand scheme of my life. I mean, doctors are people who give you a z-pack and send you on your way, right?


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#YArally: Finding Fertility as a Young Adult Cancer Survivor


by Stephanie Madsen, Living with Cancer



“I’m sorry to tell you, it’s cancer. You will need an emergency hysterectomy followed by chemotherapy and radiation.” With one fell swoop, my life, dreams, and plans dramatically changed. Not only did I learn that I had cancer, but also that my chances of bearing children were erased.


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Things to Consider When Starting the Cancer Treatment Journey

 Clarissaby Clarissa Schilstra Living with Cancer

I was diagnosed with leukemia the first time when I was two and a half years old, successfully completed that treatment, and lived a healthy life for eight years before facing the same cancer again.  It has been almost nine years since that relapse diagnosis and thankfully it has been almost seven years since I completed my relapse treatment.  But, no matter how long it has been since that fateful day of diagnosis, I remember it very clearly.  I remember that moment so clearly because it was a moment that redefined my life.


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Today I Am…. Caregiving for Me

MalloryCaspersonby Mallory Casperson, Living with Cancer

Today I am afraid.  I am frightened for all that may and all that may not.  I mourn the losses that I have endured and hesitate before the doors of tomorrow for all that may still be lost.   Today I am frustrated; hearing people talk of surviving their cancer as if this is a decision they can make, to survive or not to survive.  They must not have watched that decision being taken away and someone ripped from their lives.  Today I am angry.  Angry that I so heavily fear the unknown and so deeply face my mortality.  I am angry that I am afraid.  Watching around every corner and every bend for the danger that I believe most certainly awaits.  Today I am anxious.  Everything new and everything old seems out of my grasp and out of my control.  Today I am heartbroken.  My mother is no longer here with me and I am frightened that I will fail without her.


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Research Study: Returning to Work Following Cancer Treatment

NS Health

Have You Completed Your Cancer Treatment and Taken a Leave of Absence From Your Work?

Would You Like to Share Your Thoughts and Opinions on Your Plans for Your Return to Work?


If you answered yes to the above questions you may be interested in being part of our study on cancer survivors’ views on returning to work following cancer treatment.  Click here for more details:  NS Health Work Study or contact Emily Drake at 902-292-3859 or through e-mail at



Tips for Hope and (Emotional) Survival

MayaStern2by Maya Stern, Living with Cancer, CKN Advisory Board Member


This month, I am celebrating the fifth anniversary of receiving a heart transplant, and the beginning of a new life. In light of this milestone, I have been reflecting on how I have mentally and emotionally made it through the long-term effects of childhood cancer to this point, in spite of the times when I felt that nothing would ever go right. I have been granted so much luck by the universe and by the privilege into which I was born, however there were many moments when I was unsure if I could handle any more. These were the moments when I had no hope for change.


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