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When the Young Adult Becomes the Caregiver: Notes to my Mother

MalloryCasperson2by Mallory Casperson, Caregiver, Living with Cancer


I can remember one of the first moments when I realized my parents did not know or understand everything about the world around me.  My dad was attempting to use his smart phone for something and kept hitting the wrong button.  From the couch seat next to him, I could easily see the mistaken button push as he blamed the whole issue on the phone.  The entire situation presented a common progression that young adults experience with their parents, where our perception of our parents moves from all-knowing to fallible, in the framework of a mildly frustrating technology issue.

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A Hollow Room

by Timothy Buckland

Imagine walking into a room full of people yet you feel alone.  This room is not one you choose to walk into; it is literally a matter of life and death.  This is a place with phenomenal medical and psychosocial resources yet they aren’t designed for you.  The people that fill this room are your parent’s age and in many cases your grandparent’s age.  This is a room where you are surrounded by people and yet you are isolated.  This is a hollow room.

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Cancer, Chemotherapy, and Children: A Cancer Survivor’s Personal Story Regarding Fertility

by Jennifer Cogswell, Living with Cancer

“We now know that the cause of the pain in your chest is cancer. You will be undergoing six months of intense chemotherapy treatment and perhaps radiation. We will need to do a bone marrow extraction immediately after this meeting to check if the cancer has spread. Now, let’s talk about fertility…”

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