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Testicular Cancer Series

Together with Young Adult Cancer Advocate Extraordinaire, Pat Taylor, we wanted to publish a new series this November to help raise awareness about Testicular Cancer.  Our goal was to educate testicular cancer patients, survivors and caregivers about the post-treatment quality of life issues that may arise, of which many men might not be aware.  If there is a stigma around this issue, we want to open it up and shed some light on it!!

We thank all the writers who took the time to write about their personal stories for the greater good – not an easy task!!

Please send us your comments and we’ll be sure to pass them along to the writers.


Table of Contents:

An Interview with Scott Slater by Pat Taylor

Oh Testicular Cancer, How I Hate Thee  by Dan Duffy

An Interview with Connor O’Leary by Pat Taylor

Where’s the Light?  by Nick O’Hara Smith

The Perfect Storm by Mike Craycraft

Cancer Survivorship – The Fight After the Fight and All of its Firsts  by Steve Pake

A Caregiver’s Perspective  by Jenna Jackson

A Ballsy Sense of Tumor  by Justin Birckbichler


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