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Understanding your Options: A Comparative Analysis





Time Requirement

Other Considerations

Embryo Banking
Harvesting eggs, IVF, and freezing of embryos for later implantationBefore or after treatment10-14 days from menses; outpatient surgical procedureNeed partner or donor sperm
Radiation Shielding
Use of shielding to reduce scatter radiation to the ovariesDuring treatmentIn conjunction with radiation treatmentsDoes not protect against effects of chemotherapy
Ovarian Transposition
Surgical repositioning of ovaries away from the radiation fieldBefore treatmentOutpatient procedure or in conjunction with gynecologic cancer surgery
Radical Trachelectomy
Surgical removal of the cervix with preservation of the uterusDuring treatmentInpatient surgical procedureLimited to early stage cervical cancer
Egg Banking (Experimental)
Harvesting and freezing of unfertilized eggs for IVF and implantation after cancer treatmentBefore or after treatment10-14 days from menses; outpatient surgical procedureMay be attractive to single women or those opposed to embryo creation
Ovarian Tissue Banking (Experimental)
Freezing of ovarian tissue and reimplantation of tissue or in vitro maturation of follicles and fertilization of eggs after cancer treatmentBefore or after treatmentOutpatient surgical procedureTissue not suitable for transplant if high risk of ovarian metastases; no live births to date from in vitro maturation
Ovarian Suppression (Experimental)
GnRH analogs or antagonists used to suppress ovariesDuring treatmentIn conjunction with chemotherapyDoes not protect from radiation effects






Table adapted from (2011).

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