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What is Global Oncology?



As cancer care makes steadfast progress in developed countries, the global oncology burden is still plagued by inequalities in prevention, management and treatment. A call to action to reduce these disparities, and strengthen oncology care in developing countries has given rise to increasing awareness in the field of “Global Oncology”.

Among the many goals of global oncology is to uphold cancer on the global health agenda, to dispel myths and misconceptions, to promote development and empowerment of cancer care delivery systems in low and middle income countries (LMICs) and to ensure adequate focus on previously overlooked aspects such as pain and palliation.


A new section dedicated to Global Oncology on the Cancer Knowledge Network is launched with the purpose of developing a comprehensive curriculum in this field, in promoting cross collaboration in efforts among cancer physicians, and stimulate innovative thinking and exchanges of fresh ideas to address the challenges in global cancer care.


We hope you find this section valuable in your global oncology endeavors, and if you would like to share your expertise, please reach out to the CKN team (

by Monisha Sudarshan MD, Global Oncology Section Editor


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  1. savitri singh-carlson says:

    very interesting concept

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