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We would like to thank all our writers, past and present, for helping us create a place where cancer survivors all over the world come to connect, learn and be inspired.  

If you have a personal experience with cancer and you’d like to share it with our international audience, please read on, we’ll tell you how.  All our authors enjoy the following benefits:

  • Your article will be featured on the CKN website, the most widely read cancer education resource in North America, with over 5500 page views per month and viewed in over 105 countries worldwide.
  • Your personal bio and photo will be included, as well as a link to your personal blog, if applicable.
  • Your article will be featured in the CKN eNewsletter which is published on a monthly basis to our database of 4000+ subscribers.
  • You may be approached by CKN to participate in an interview by a medical expert to supplement your article.
  • Your story will reach our Medical Professional readership.


So you want to write, but you’re having trouble choosing a topic?  We’ve made it easy for you with these sample topics:

  • Life after Treatment Ends:  What do I do now?
  • My Experience with Integrative Medicine:  How complementary therapy helped me deal with my symptoms
  • Parenting:  How I told my kids I have cancer
  • Job Changes:  The challenges of working during treatment
  • My **** Has Cancer:  The rewards and challenges of being a caregiver (****wife, brother, mother, husband, etc.)
  • From the Opposite Side of the Desk:  Thoughts from a medical professional diagnosed with cancer
  • Childhood Cancer:  The challenges I faced parenting my child with cancer
  • Cancer is a Family Affair:  How my family members dealt with my cancer diagnosis
  • Nutrition and Exercise:  Taking control of my health
  • Fertility:  How I navigated my way through cancer treatment and fertility preservation
  • Choose your own topic….anything from advocacy to anniversaries, finances to fear of recurrence, spirituality to sexuality.


Interested?  Just email us at: and we’ll get back to you within a few days.

Thank you for your consideration – we hope to hear from you soon!!
Important to Note:

CKN reserves the right to edit all papers.  All papers must be original content unless authorized by the Editorial Board.  CKN will strive to include any photos submitted with the paper.  Quotes, statistics, medical claims or scientific evidence must be cited and properly referenced.  Papers should be between 500-1000 words in length.


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