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Resolutions of a Cancer Doctor

The following article appeared in the New York Times on January 4, 2018.  After his mother received a cancer diagnosis, the author, Dr. Sekeres, made a few resolutions for his own practice, after seeing cancer from “the other end of the biopsy needle” as he puts it.


Resolution No. 1: I will never again make the flippant suggestion that it should be easy for a parent to just stay with his or her child while going through chemotherapy or surgery. Nor will I be surprised when conflict or non-adherence arises from such an arrangement.

Resolution No. 2: I will not be cavalier in suggesting that patients who live at a distance see me when they would be visiting their families anyway over holidays or for their grandchildren’s birthdays. Happy occasions should remain exclusively happy, especially when cancer may limit the number of such occasions that remain.

Resolution No. 3: I will convey test results as soon as I enter the exam room. A follow-up appointment that I consider “routine,” with low chance of cancer recurring, is anything but routine to my patients and their families.


Too often, the patient perspective is lacking at the bedside of cancer patients and their caregivers.  Through no fault of their own, many healthcare professionals are not privy to the issues patients face during their cancer journey.  Unless they’ve been through it personally, physicians simply aren’t aware of the many ways they can ease the cancer burden for their patients, often in the smallest gestures.

Our newly appointed “Patients Included” status affirms our commitment to including the patient voice in our published material.  We thought this article would be of interest to our readers.  Please share!!


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A Note from the CKN Team

As we announced recently, CKN has been designated with Patient Included status. Not only are we proud of this international designation, but we take our responsibility to uphold its standards seriously.

Take a look at this report, recently published by PBS Newshour. It describes the lack of patients and the difficulty in recruiting patients for clinical trials, and the efforts made by companies such as Flatiron, a U.S. based health technology company, to utilize technology as a state of the art resource for oncologists and researchers.

By virtue of CKNs unique position in the international oncology community, and our vast readership of oncology patients and healthcare providers worldwide, we have a resource which can potentially link these initiatives to our patient readership, and help move forward the patient included mission, ultimately assisting in linking patients to potential new therapies and services.  Keep following our social media feeds and website for continued updates.

~ Lorne Cooper, CEO Multimed Inc.

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