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Genius: 100 Visions of the Future

Dr. Phil Gold, CKN Editor, receives Genius honour….


It has been 100 years since Albert Einstein created the General Theory of Relativity. To celebrate this historic milestone, the Canadian Friends of the Hebrew University is embarking on a global project to honor the life and legacy of Albert Einstein and to identify and inspire the next generation of brilliant minds on the planet.

They are collecting the visions of the 100 greatest innovators, artists, scientists and visionaries of our time in the world’s first 3D-printed book – Genius: 100 Visions of the Future. It’s the creation of world renowned designer Ron Arad, formed in the likeness of Einstein himself in a 3D limited edition book for the ages.


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A Note from the CKN Team

We are thrilled to announce the newest member of our team, Dr. Gregory Aune, Pediatric Oncologist, researcher, childhood cancer survivor and advocate.  Greg has taken on the position of CKN Editor, Knowledge Translation – Childhood Cancer Survivorship.  His goal is simple:  to help empower childhood cancer survivors to start a dialogue with their doctors by publishing short, easy-to-read research study summaries.

Childhood Cancer Survivors have their own unique set of issues that often go unaddressed by health care professionals once treatment has ended and the child enters adulthood.  Although the last 20 years have seen growth in survivorship research, this research is rarely filtered down to the people who need it most – the survivors and their families.

The issues surrounding Childhood Cancer are important to us.  We’re committed to helping advocate for children suffering from cancer – children who often can’t speak up for themselves.  By partnering with powerful advocates like Sue McKechnie and Jonathan Agin and through projects like the #KidsCancerPain campaign, we strive to raise awareness for policy makers and help parents better manage their children’s cancer.

“A majority of childhood cancer survivors do not have access to consistent comprehensive survivorship care.  Thus, simply educating patients through traditional office visits is unlikely to address these knowledge deficits.  In the current era of social media and the internet there exists an opportunity to reach survivors via channels outside clinic visits.  My goal is to review the latest and greatest survivorship research studies and empower survivors to talk with their doctors about these issues.  Because in the end, it is important that childhood cancer patients not merely survive, but THRIVE.”

Visit the CKN Knowledge Translation – Childhood Cancer Survivorship Page.

The Team

Lorne Cooper - CEO, Multimed Inc.

Lorne’s ability to develop a conceptual model into practical programs and sustainable businesses is an expertise sought out by many corporations, non-profit organizations and small businesses. His ability to ascertain the marketplace and identify key opportunities for project development has been the cornerstone of his career.
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Karen Irwin - CKN Project Co-ordinator

As Project Coordinator, Karen liaises with all CKN editors and writers and is responsible for managing the website and its editorial content.  Karen brings her unique personal perspective to CKN, after losing her son to cancer at the age of 7.  As a pediatric caregiver her experience and insight plays an important role.
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Oncofertility Referral Network

Oncofertility has emerged as a new interdisciplinary approach to address the reproductive future of young men, women, and children facing a life-preserving but fertility threatening cancer diagnosis. The CKN Oncofertility Referral Network is a nationwide platform that links patients, physicians and fertility clinics to ensure time-sensitive needs are met in providing fertility options for young cancer patients as they embark on treatment.